Virtual classroom

Live learning via the Internet

In addition to the possibility of independent learning (e-learning) as Computer Based Traning (via CD) or Web Based Training (via the Internet), there is also the variant of the Internet-based live seminar, the so-called webinar.

Our virtual classroom gives you and your staff the opportunity not only to learn and to share information, but also to exchange and learn together with many other participants from all over Germany, if necessary beyond, as well as an always present lecturer live via Internet.

The trainer / coach turns centrally from a webinar studio, leads through the entire course, secures the coaching function and is always present and responsive, as in the normal classroom. The exchange between each other via headset (headphone with microphone) in as far as possible real-time (depending on the available bandwidth).

The exchange of information and knowledge takes place not only in one direction (from the “sender” to the “receiver”), as in the case of normal eLearning, computer or web-based learning, but every participant is both the sender and the recipient via the Internet and can thus work with everyone Communicate to other participants and the lecturer.

Another advantage of our webinars is the clear structuring during lessons and breaks as well as individual and group work to learn even more effectively. Our participants can easily participate in our webinars from home, from their own office workstation or from any location (assuming an Internet connection).

So here we combine the advantages of eLearning and traditional classroom instruction towards a trainer-based eLearning in a virtual classroom and this according to customer-oriented demand times.

We offer this service to companies, educational institutions and other users.

Online Coaching

When learning with the help of the new media, you do not necessarily have to be on your own. There is also the option to get in contact with the so-called online coach during self-study in case of questions that arise.

Coaching is a deliberate counseling relationship whose qualities are determined by free will, empathy, trust and a degree of anonymity between the individuals involved. This sustainable relationship allows us to answer questions that would otherwise go unanswered: in a large group where you do not dare to ask yourself, or self-reliant eLearning, where there is no one to ask.

Our online coaching gives you and your employees the opportunity to learn independently and in case of problems with a personal coach, but also with other participants from all over Germany, to exchange live over the Internet and to clarify technical issues together.

The coach will switch on demand or on request at coordinated standby times centrally from a webinar studio, secures the coaching function, i. he is present and approachable in the agreed time. The information exchange takes place here as well, similar to the virtual classroom, in both directions. The participant can communicate with the coach, but also with other participants, via the Internet in the normal way, only that it is much more individual.

The advantage of our Onlie coaching is the clear structuring in standby and break times as well as individual and group work, in order to ensure an effective learning success. Participants can take part in our online coaching sessions from their own office workstation or from anywhere (assuming an internet connection with the appropriate bandwidth).

By combining independent eLearning with needs-based, trainerbased support, we offer you a future-oriented solution for electronic learning.

Contact us. We would be pleased to advise you and create an offer tailored to your needs and your topics for individualized online coaching that we offer to companies, educational institutions and other users.

eShop Development

eShop development and setup (with SAP connection)

Sell via internet

The importance of electronic commerce has increased significantly in recent years. On the one hand, well-known suppliers (such as Saturn) have switched their core business to this type of distribution, or have supplemented their previously used marketing channels. On the other hand, completely new providers (Zalando, for example) have emerged, who rely exclusively and very successfully on e-shops from the beginning. E-shops are now no longer just a trend or a marginal phenomenon, but an important part of the marketing strategy and an indispensable distribution channel.

If you want to sell online easily and effectively, we support you from the idea to the implementation. Professional advice before, during and after implementation is a matter of course. We are also happy to plan necessary marketing measures together with you and train your employees in the operation.

Here are our individual services for you:

• commerce: SEO: setting up, adjustments, mentoring, schools

• OXID: setup, adjustments, mentoring, schools

• Programming functional extensions for e-shops

• Maintenance of content, editorial work

• Content creation: product texts, descriptions

• Legal certainty: testing and safeguarding

• Data backup: audit and backups

• Product photos: professional creation / editing for all media

• E-shop marketing: concept, accompaniment, implementation of all measures

• Training for administrative and editorial support